Eco Adventure Tours Vanuatu


There’s so much to do at Eden, but how will you choose?

We’ve got a little guide below to make it easy for you!

Step 1. Start with General Entry, our basic starting price.

Step 2. Add more fun! Build your Eden adventure by adding an extra such as Tropical Mini Golf, or a guided Garden Tour or, best of all, our Bridges of Eden Tour. Can’t decide and want to do it ALL? Our All Day Combo is for you!

Adults Prices:

General Entry: 1,000 vatu or AU$12


Add any of these extras:

Tropical Mini Golf: 500 vatu or AU$5

Botanical Garden Guided Tour: 1,200vatu or AU$15

Bridges of Eden Guided Tour: 2,200 vatu or AU$25


Do it all!! All Day Combo

Includes general entry AND all the extras PLUS a BBQ  Lunch: 7,500 vatu or AU$90